Vote for Equality! The Time is NOW!

Rainbow Flag Blue SkyThe Australian Government has decided it will let the Australian people vote on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Sort of.

In the coming months every Australian eligible to vote will receive a form in which they will be able to have their say on whether same-sex marriage should be made legal, however, it has been noted that a YES vote is not necessarily binding and may not change anything. Contrast to this, apparently a NO vote, in the governments eyes, will be it. The end of the discussion.

This is a despicable way of going about things and flies in the face of everything our “democratic” nation stands for. It is totally unfair and people have a right to be furious.



I have seen many arguments to boycott this despicable vote, as it is a waste of time, money and resources.

We simply cannot boycott. Just look at the world as it is today. Americans have Trump due to boycotts and England has Brexit. All because people either were too lazy to vote or didn’t vote on purpose, but here is the rub…….

THEY WANT YOU TO BOYCOTT!!! The Government doesn’t want you to vote.

Not voting will only strengthen their stance.

So, here is my request.

To all my family, friends, colleagues and anyone else reading this. If you DO agree with equality, if you DO support marriage equality then please ensure you vote.
If you are not enrolled to vote, do it! Your time is short. Yes it means you will then have to vote come election times, yes it means taking time out of your Saturday but it means you will be heard (my father will be having a field day with this as we had this very argument when I was younger).

Sharing those “Share if you agree” memes, clicking like on pictures of rainbows and changing your Facebook profile picture to include supportive frame is great, but
as touching as these actions are, they don’t change politics.

If you truly support everyone’s right to marry who they love then please vote YES.

Oh….. and as funny as it would be, don’t put rainbow glitter in the envelope. This would render your vote invalid.


ILLEGAL DOWNLOADING – a GOOD reason for it and why free to air TV needs to catch up. 

Photo Courtesy of The Arrowverse
Photo Courtesy of The Arrowverse

OK so this is more of a rant than anything else.

I HATE spoilers.

When it comes to movies, I don’t like watching previews as they tend to show the best bits. I even remember cutting myself off from social media when Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince book was released. I knew a main character was being killed off (just knowing that was bad enough) and I did NOT want to inadvertently find out who it was before reading it.

TV Shows are the hardest to escape from spoiler alerts, especially being in Australia where, for the most part, we are on a delay. In this age of technology I don’t understand why we get a delay, but one of the biggest selling points of some Pay TV shows is that they are “fast-tracked” from the US.

So they friggin well should be!!

I think this year is a first with Game of Thrones being shown at basically the same time as in the US. Even though it means it is played at 11am here. So from 11am on a Monday until I get home to see it, I have to avoid social media for fear of story lines being given away.

That I can handle.

What I can’t handle, is the bullshit that currently seems to be going on in Australia with exclusive licensing rules etc. Free to air TV seem to be fighting for the rights to air TV shows only to screw the public over when playing them.

There have been quite a few good shows in the past that have had equally as good spin-off shows. Some spin-offs occur when one series has ended and the public obviously wants more, but then some begin while the show they “spun” from are still playing. I love these type of spin-offs. You get 2 good shows with all the characters you love and a few more.

Buffy & Angel were a good example of this and what made it good were the crossover episodes. Buffy guest starred on a few episodes of Angel and vice versa. Back then, both were on free to air and were played at the correct times so the crossover episodes made sense and kept the storyline cohesive.

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are another good example where the timing of the crossovers on TV is integral to the storylines.

A more recent example is Arrow & The Flash.
Now in all fairness, these are comic book characters that have been around long before the TV shows made about them and I’m not into comics enough to know if these characters and their storylines ever intertwined or not.

What I do know, is in TV land Arrow came first. I fell in love with the show (ok and the main character too) and watched every week. In Australia, Arrow was originally played on the Nine Network and during season 2 we were introduced to a character who would later become The Flash in his own spin-off show.

In Australia, The Flash Season 1 was picked up by one of the Pay TV channels and premiered here on 3rd December 2014, 2 months after its US premiere in October 2014. We are now almost, if not already at the end of Season 1 of the Flash.

Now, season 3 of Arrow in the US premiered ONE DAY after The Flash, and probably for good reason. There appear to be quite a few crossover episodes in both shows, a deliberate format that has been royally fucked up!
In Australia, season 3 of Arrow has only JUST started on Channel Go (Ironically The Nine Networks own spin-off channel) and its almost June!!!!!

So in the US the 2 shows ran side by side to keep the story line of one congruent with the other.

That is not the case here. Due to the Go channel deciding we can wait 7 months before needing to see Arrow, the crossover episodes of the Flash have given away Arrow’s plot lines, introduced new Arrow characters we don’t know yet, we found out someone died.

It’s fucking ridiculous.

Free to air TV is fighting a losing battle. With the release of Netflix (FINALLY), Stan and the like, if free to air wants to survive and continue to receive advertising dollars then it needs to KEEP UP! Or soon, free to air will have nothing but news, weather and the stupid renovation shows. Everyone will soon turn to subscription TV.

I’m sure people are more than happy to pay for TV shows when they are available to buy here, but until that time (usually AFTER free to air decides to play them – you can get Arrow on Netflix but only the first 2 seasons even though the 3rd is already released in US) I think people have every right to download from overseas sources so they can keep up with how the shows were intended to be viewed by their creators. Otherwise what’s point!!!

Trains, Planes & Crying Babies – Why I hate flying and where it came from.

I am not a great flyer. Just ask my other half who has to put up with me on any flight we take.
This wasn’t always the case though. I used to travel by plane quite often and had no problems.
My mother lives in another state and when she first moved up there I flew at least once a year to visit.
I have friends on the other side of Australia and have flown quite a few times there and back.
My stepfather took me to New Zealand when I was 16.

These flights were quite a few years back now, but ALL with no problems. In fact I quite enjoyed flying.

Then IT happened. 

Nearly four and a half years ago, I took a voluntary redundancy from my job which included a nice some of money.
So it was decided the boyfriend and I would have a nice holiday, somewhere we hadn’t been before (this really could have been anywhere because up until that point the 2 of us had only ever flown the one and half hours to visit my mum in QLD – well there was also a trip to Melbourne, but we made the mistake of driving there and back). 

We settled for Brampton Island in the Whitsundays, off the coast of North QLD.
An hour and a bit to Brisbane, then an hour and a half to Mackay.
Again all fine. 

The flight from Mackay to Brampton was great too, although daunting at first. We walked out of Mackay tin shed (sorry airport) to the 6 seater prop plane! OMG!

This flight was surprisingly pretty awesome. I was sat right next to the pilot, again OMG! But it was great. The day was beautiful, no clouds and I could see everything from my vantage point. Flying over the resort before landing made for great photos.

The problem was the flight home. 

4 days at Brampton was just beautiful. The weather was almost perfect until………..

 We awoke on our last day not he island and the weather had turned, and I mean turned. The sky was dark and grey with heavy clouds, the rain was coming down hard and the wind was, well, WINDY.
As our fight was not until about 2pm we had nothing to do but sit in the bar of the resort and wait and watch as the weather grew worse and worse.
This is where it began. All I could think of was having to get on that 6 seater plane with the lawn mower engine and flying in this weather and the waiting made it worse. Thinking how the hell can a small model aircraft fly in this weather. 

It was finally time to leave and we made our way to the “airstrip” at the back of the island. The uneven, not flat, airstrip plonked between 2 of mountains. THANKFULLY, the plane we were to return on was a little larger than the 6 seater thing we had arrived on. It was 12 seats. Hoo-fucking-ray. 

Needless to say the return trip to Mackay was awful. We could not see 5 metres in front of us and there was not one time during the entire flight that was smooth. Swaying, dipping, bumping – you name it. I FREAKED OUT.

The trip from Mackay to Brisbane was no better, even considering the plane was a hundred times the size of the one I almost died on (yes, I like to tell myself that).

There you have it, one little incident ruined everything for me for a while.

Then the time came — Thailand. 9 hours of flying. FARK!!!!!

I’ve done it 4 times now and have survived. Thank god for drugs.

I think though, as I have gotten older and made a few long haul jaunts, it’s not simply a fear of flying that irks me, it is the entire experience. And here’s why:

This trip could not come soon enough. It had been a busy (but productive and rewarding) few months at work. It was a year since my last holiday and I wanted to get back to Thailand badly. I love it.

At one month long, it is also the longest holiday I have ever had and I could not wait.

Getting here though, sheesh.

I was all set with my drugs, Valium 5 – thanks Doc. Best one’s I’ve ever had.

Unfortunately, leaving on a Monday morning it wasn’t like us to ask anyone to drive us to the airport and anyone living in Sydney can attest that catching a cab costs almost as much as the flight itself. So we opted for the train. Anyone who follows me on Twitter or is friends on Facebook will tell you how much I love “Sydney Trains” (I’m sure they changed the name from City Rail for the sole purpose of preventing people calling it Shitty Fail).

However, this part of the journey was the easiest. The trains ran on time and were not crowded-ish. 

Checked-in at the airport, again smooth sailing. Had a couple of wines for the nerves, downed a Valium before boarding then got on and found our seats. Luke, the lucky bastard had the aisle seat, me caught in the middle of a him and “some guy”. 

Even though we were with Emirates, who we love to fly with, the leg room was almost non-existent and the seat felt very uncomfortable for some reason. 

But I had experienced worse before (try flying to Bangkok via Singapore on Scoot!! – our legs were almost around our ears they pack that many rows in).

The worst part, which I think every flyer fears on any flight, was 2 rows in front, not 5 minutes after boarding, a baby started crying. 

Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!! Cumon Valium, do your thing.

And it did. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for me to drift off to sleep – for 2 hours. I was hoping it would knock me out for at least half of the trip, but alas, no.

I woke up just as we were flying over Dubbo, the baby still crying and my legs beginning to cramp. 

Got up and went to the loo, mainly to stretch my legs then took another magic pill. Surprisingly, Luke, who always seems to enjoy the flights, being able to watch new release movies and what not asked if he could have a Valium. That crying baby had ruined it for him too. 

Fell asleep not long after only to wake up somewhere between Mt Isa and Darwin. WE HAD NOT EVEN LEFT AUSTRALIA YET!! AND THE BABY WAS STILL CRYING.

Finally, the drugs began to take effect and I fell asleep for a few hours, only to wake every now and then to pee and stretch my legs (I can’t believe how long a baby can cry for).

Then we landed in Bangkok. Yay.

Sadly, this is not the end of our little adventure. 

This trip we opted not to spend any time in Bangkok but instead go to Krabi as we had not visited that side of the Gulf before.This meant another plane ride from Bangkok to Krabi. Seems straight forward right…..WRONG.

Our Emirates flight arrived at Bangkok at around !2.30 at night into the beautiful new international airport. Our Air Asia flight departed from the old airport (about an hour cab ride away) at 6.45am.

Do we hang around the new airport a few hours or go straight to the other airport???? We decided to go straight to the old airport and wait for our flight. BAD MOVE.

If you ever have to do this, and have plenty of time on your hands, I suggest staying at the new airport where everything is open. You can eat, get a massage and pass the time away.

At 1.30 in the morning at the old airport, all you can do is get a coffee, smoke a bit (a lot) and lay down on the cold tiled floor until check-in opens.

As you can imagine by this time we are both tired and cranky.

Finally, we check-in and get bussed out to the plane. I know!! No gates, just a waiting room and some sliding doors out to a bus that drives for so long I thought we were being driven to Krabi. 

For some reason that is totally lost on me, when we checked-in, the guy put Luke and I in the same seat letter but different rows. So even though the seat next to him was empty, my allotted seat was directly behind him. Weird.

This was good for Luke, as he didn’t have to put up with me. Bad for me as the flight was very bumpy and too short for a Valium – Almost freaked out!!!

Finally we arrive at our resort, 6 hours too soon as check-in is not until 2pm (who the fuck made that rule anyway). We get turned away so decide to walk into town and explore. We had decided to stay somewhere a little out of town so the walk wasn’t a short one, and being so tired, and the weather quite warm, it was not pleasant. 

We did, however, do one of my favourite things in Thailand, and that was to get a foot massage. 

The world was right again.

Now, as I sit by the pool, at our secluded mountain side resort, the trip here all seems a blur but totally worth it. 

I guess my point is, it’s not simply an acute fear of flying that is bad, it’s the whole experience of waiting in line, airplane food, crying babies, leg room enough for fly and time differences that contribute to my strong dislike of flying. 

This, I know, is all part and parcel of getting to go to exotic places and the price you pay for relaxation.

We are now talking of heading to Europe in a few years and both of us are dreading it. Me, because, fuck it’s a long way, and Luke because, fuck he has to put up with me!!!

A month more of relaxation and fun before thinking of getting on another long haul flight. I CAN DO IT…

Had any nightmare flying experiences? Please share so I know I’m not the only one.

FAMILY SECRETS: Why do we keep them? Can we keep them forever?

I once had a secret. One so terrible that even the thought of telling anyone made my heart race and my head spin. Or so I thought.

I’m gay. This is certainly no secret now and turns out it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway and life went on. In fact, I learnt it had been suspected by a few for a while prior to me coming out.

That was 12 years ago now, and I have not experienced any negativity from either family or friends. My partner of 8 years was accepted as a member of the family long ago and the same goes for me in his family.

The secret though was a hard one to keep and not knowing how the world would react weighs heavily.

I recently heard a story from a very close friend of mine where a family secret has recently come to light.

The story involved his grandmother.

Now his grandmother and his mother a very close. I have seen them together on many occasions and can tell they would share everything with each other……. well most things it turns out.

One day a week or so ago they were both out to lunch and the conversation turned to his grandmother’s relationship with her husband – who is no longer with us. It is no secret their marriage wasn’t a happy one and her daughter was probing for information as to why. Then she started asking her mother about romances prior to meeting and marrying her father and as her mother went on to describe one particular man she had been involved with she began to cry.

She explained how she had a fleeting romance with a man when she was quite young and had become pregnant with a son.

This was over 60 years ago now and as you can imagine would have been frowned upon at the time.

Her parents were not happy and when the child was born she had to move in with extended family as her father pretty much disowned her. At one point her father would cross the street to other side to avoiding coming in contact with her should she be out walking. Awful.

As I understand the story, the family she moved in were nice enough and adopted her son and so as far as the outside world was concerned the boy had married parents but within the household my friends grandmother was still mum.

This arrangement worked for a while until the couple who adopted her son moved into a different house, taking her son with them.

For a time her son was still very much a part of her life with contact on a weekly basis, but as the years went on this changed. She married the man who would become my friend’s grandfather and he did not approve of the child and didn’t want him around.

My friend’s uncle and his mum came along a couple of years later and his grandmother’s contact with her first born became less and less.

She saw her eldest son a few times over the years at family events including his own 21st birthday party but it is unclear if he knew she was his mother.

So she has lived all these years keeping this secret. Forbidden by her husband to speak of it to her children and fear of being shunned
and looked down upon like her parents had done.

What a burden. How heartbreaking, that because of these fears she has missed out on watching her son grow up, get married and have children of his own. Missed out on being a part of his life.

Now that it has come to light, as I expected, the reaction from my friend and his family was of pure shock. Shock that she had not told them, shock that she had the idea that they would think any less of her, but as she pointed out, she grew up in a different time.

If her daughter and not started the conversation who knows if she would have ever told her secret. She has one photo album with a few snaps of her son as a boy and had planned to leave a letter concealed within to be found after she passed on.

When I found out, it was like a non-issue. I grew up in rather a large extended family and have a few cousins born out of wedlock. It is not a big deal to us.

I think many families, or family members have secrets that they are just too scared to share. Even if we grow up in a completely supportive environment, the paranoia of what others MIGHT think of us can overrule our instincts. We may know others who have not been so lucky at sharing secrets, or witnessed bad things happen to those who divulge. 

What would you do? How would you feel?


This event did happen to a close friend of mine. I have omitted names out of respect for their privacy.


Sydney Still Has Surprises

It’s not often we go out drinking, preferring to stay in with a glass of wine but Friday night we decided it was time we went out.

The majority of the night was spent at Palms on Oxford Street which was always our default place to go to if we had no idea where else to go. They play good music and fun times are always had.

We did spend some time at Stonewall but left as the hosting drag queen was just too annoying.

It was great night and fun was had by all, with lots of drinking and dancing but the reason for this post was to tell you about where we started.

Luke and our friend Kristie had been told about and then taken to a bar (I do cannot remember the name of it) that was in a side alley just at the back of Oxford Street. They had loved it and thought I would too.

So we arrived at the bar, and let me say you really could not tell there was a bar at all. The back alley looked like just that, an alley with the rear of buildings on the main street. The only telltale signs that anything was going was a small group of people lining up at what could have been a door and a bouncer.

As we lined up behind these people I thought we could easily just be standing in an alley, going nowhere, but after a while the door in the wall opened and a few people came out. When we got to the front of the “line” the bouncer told us it was a one out one in situation as the bar was very busy.

Again, standing in the alleyway, just the 3 of us, the bouncer and the sound of crickets, I really thought I was being pranked. Seriously, there was a very busy bar just on the other side of the wall? I highly doubted it.

Then it was time. Our turn. Some more people came out and we were allowed inside.

We walked in the door, and then through another inner door and down some stairs……..and there it was.

The bar was very small, probably the size of a large lounge room in a house and it was PACKED!!!

There were a few tables, many people standing and a few sitting on stools at the bar.

I had to look around a few times to take in my surroundings as it was just surreal. I hardly even know how to describe the decor.

Think western saloon cross with old country with a touch of Coyote Ugly thrown in.

Wooden beams all over the roof, the bar made of pine, cowboy hats hanging from the beams and taxidermy animal heads looking at us from the walls.
The music was country and western although I could not tell you any of the songs or singers.
The room was fairly dark with only the candles to light the tables.

Quirky is the only real way you could describe it.

The barman made quite a good cocktail and one of the most interesting, and oddest parts about having a drink was the mixers. I asked for a vodka and cranberry juice and were told they only sell freshly squeezed fruit juices!!!

So we had vodka and green apple juice. Something I never thought I would have or enjoy but it was pretty damn tasty and went down way too easily.

The whole experience was totally different and unexpected, and just so quirky that I had to share.

BOGANS @ THE CROSS: Ummm where are my pants?

Sadly, my daily commute is no longer as exciting as it once was.

I travel on a different train line and my fellow commuters are, for the most part, quiet and well behaved. So I haven’t had much ammunition for my blog in a while, but……….

Something happened the other as I was leaving the station that made me think WHAT THE??

I was walking up the stairs to the exit of Kings Cross station on my way to work and could hear a girl shouting. I couldn’t quite understand what she was saying but could tell from the way she was shouting that, yes, she was a bogan.

As I exited the station out onto the street, I could see a few workmen who were digging up the road staring off down the street to the cause of the shouting. I could now see her and also hear her a little more clearly.

“I’m gonna slap ya up side of the head”. She said to someone I could not see.

Now, if you have ever been to Kings Cross, this sort of behaviour isn’t really that out of the ordinary, but as I watched her walking down the street, shouting more obscenities I noticed something that was a little out of the ordinary.

She didn’t have any pants on!!!!!

Now, it is winter at the moment, and it was about 8.30 in the morning, so by no means was it warm. She had a long sleeve shirt on, and was wearing underwear (thank God) BUT NO PANTS!!!

She wasn’t carrying anything and didn’t have a bag the pants may have been stowed in. I was dumbfounded!

As we were walking in opposite directions, I never saw who she was shouting at but I imagine this person had stolen her pants, although how and why is beyond me.

What can I say? Kings Cross in Sydney is never a dull place.

Have you seen anything worthy of a mention? Share it!


Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a big advocate of Apple products. I made the switch from a PC to a Mac a few years ago, back when the MacBook was white, and I haven’t looked back. I was convinced by a work colleague that they were fun and easy to use, as well as being hardy and long lasting.

They are definitely all of the those things. I remember going through 2 HP and a Dell PC within 3 years simply due to the fact they became slow, and died. \Even though I have upgraded to one of the newer unibody models, I still have the 2006 white model which we have in another room with a hard drive attached acting as a media hub.

Apple upgraded from the white MacBook model in favour of the aluminium unibody models and I bought one. At the time, well a few months after buying it, I thought it was a mistake.

Sometimes Apple tries with certain things and for the most do well to set a standard (look at the iPhone and iPad), but sometimes they get it wrong. For their first unibody 13” MacBooks, back in 2008, Apple decided Firewire connections were on their way out, and removed the connection from the MacBooks thinking USB would be the way forward. They removed the connections only to put them back in the next model a few months later.

It seems Apple still believe Firewire is on the way out. Although the connections have remained in all the models, they have recently added their own connection type called Thunderbolt. Apparently faster than USB.
Looking back, not having the Firewire connection is a non-issue. I haven’t really needed it and for the odd occasion when I did need one, I simply used the white MacBook I still have in reserve.

One of the best things about the unibody model I bought was the fact it has been very easy to upgrade. When I bought it, it was the base model, with only 2GB RAM and about 250GB of storage. A few years later Apple introduced the MacBook Air, with it’s Solid State Drive (basically SSD is flash media with no moving parts, whereas the normal HDD drive in most computers is a spinning disc making it easier to damage if dropped etc. SSD is also faster because of this). The problem with SSD is they are more expensive for less storage.

I wanted a faster MacBook but I did not want to compromise for less storage and I certainly wasn’t going to buy MacBook Air. This would mean having to have external hard drives etc and for my purposes I didn’t see the point of having a portable laptop only to have to cart around another hard drive with my media on it.


In a nutshell, I removed the 250GB HDD and replaced it with a 60GB SSD. The SSD only contains OS X (the MAc operating system) and all the applications the Mac uses.

I then removed the DVD drive (because who really needs one these days) and installed a 500GB HDD where all my music, photos, documents etc are stored. The only thing remaining is to upgrade the RAM. Even without the RAM upgrade, the Mac was noticeably faster. I made the upgrades last year at the same time my other half bought a new MacBook, with it’s 4GB RAM. The day we bought it home, I turned both on at the same time, and my 3 ½ year old MacBook booted up and was ready to use a good 15 seconds faster than the brand new one.
Now to the reason for this blog post.

Apple is increasingly annoying with it’s updates, in what looks like a move to get people to have to buy newer hardware to get the most out of the software.

Let’s start with the Mac Operating System.

A few weeks ago, the company announced an update to it’s OS X operating system, nicknamed Mountain Lion. Many of the features of Mountain Lion are to bring it inline with Apple’s iOS software on it’s iPhones and iPads, making them even more compatible and to keep your life in sync. Great news for people who use apps like reminders, notes etc. Keeping reminders on the iPhone in sync with iCal on the Mac is a little cumbersome, as is keeping Notes synced with the notes feature in Mail. Both will now have dedicated apps on the Mac. Just 2 examples of the myriad of features the update will have.

One of the other great features for some that will be coming is Airplay Mirroring. This will give users the ability to display their MacBook screen on to a big screen TV (needing an Apple TV connected to the TV). Pretty cool.

However, I read an article the other day which, if it can be believed, described how only MacBooks bought from 2011 onward will be able to use this feature? WHAT THE?

This is something I just don’t get. My 2008 model can play movies, music, photo slideshows etc through the Apple TV so why will I not be able to use the Airplay Mirroring feature? I don’t understand what my older model is lacking that would not allow this feature to be used. Is it hardware I am missing? Or is it a ploy to force anybody set on using these features to upgrade to new Macs.

For me, the Airplay Mirroring feature isn’t something I would use often, if at all, so it isn’t that big of a deal but still annoying nonetheless.

Now iOS.

Apple has also announced the update of it’s mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads, to be released later this year around the same time as the iPhone 5 is released.

One of the big talked about features is the maps app. Apple has apparently dumped Google as it’s map app provider and opted for one they have created themselves. With a few cool functions like 3D interaction, flyovers etc.

Again, I have read, these map features will only be available for the iPhone 4S models and  newer. Again I don’t get why this would be.

I understand why the Siri voice thingy isn’t available on my iPhone 4 as it would probably need a type of hardware in the phone, but with the maps app, it has everything it needs already. In terms of maps, what does the 4S have that the 4 does not?

Once again, not much of an issue for me as I plan on getting the iPhone 5 when released but my 4 will be passed on to my other half. It took a lot of convincing to get him onto a Mac in the first place and he is still reluctant when it comes to the iPhone. The best way to get him to use it is to tout all the cool features the phone has!! Something that is getting harder due to the fact some of those cool features are not available for him to use.

This is something I think Apple needs to think about when updating. Not everyone can or wants to get the newest model of hardware as soon as it is available. I will be getting the iPhone 5 simply as it’s release coincides with my contract coming to end.

Well thanks for reading my rant about what annoys me about Apple upgrades. I still love all my Mac products and I cannot see that changing anytime soon.

Tell me what you think.

If you want to know more about upgrading an older Mac the sites below have all the parts and info you need. It is a hell of a lot cheaper to upgrade using these sites rather than at the time of purchase from Apple. This site even has videos to take you through exactly how to upgrade yourself. Easy!